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GMT vs. Dual Time Watches: The Battle of the Time Zones

While buying watches there are several questions which arises in our mind such as the type of watch, brand, colour, design, material etc. But there is one thing which we generally look which is the time zone it shows. Mostly there are two options which people choose and they are GMT or Dual Time Watch.  Well if you talk MT about my choice then I personally prefer a Dual Time Watch.

These terms sounds quite confusing so let’s discuss about them and then decide what suits us the best.

What are GMT Watches?

Before any unified system was introduced there were several local times in most of the countries due to which it became quite difficult to know the exact time. So people and mostly travelers had to carry so many watches to track time according to the local time. Hence the terms “GMT” was introduced which stands for Greenwich Meridian Time or Greenwich Mean Time.

Now as the concept might be little bit clear so GMT Watches allow the wearer to tell the time in multiple time zones. GMT watches are quite popular not only because of their ability to show different time zones but they are also known for their for their aesthetic appeal. 

How to Recognize the Authentic GMT Watch?

While many of us are still new to this term, the question arises that how we will be able to recognize the genuine GMT Watch? Well, GMT function uses a 24-hour scale to indicate the second time zone. Usually outside of the dial or around the bezel and comprised of a comprised of a 24-hour track. A fourth hand indicates second time zone along with the 24 hour scale as well. Apart from this, most GMT Watches have an operating crown with the three positions too. 

What are Dual Time Watches?

As the name says Dual Time watches are the watches with a two time zone. Dual time watches also perform the same functions as the GMT Watches but they do so on the basis of different mechanisms. They consist of a main dial and a sub-dial. Dual time watches also comes with a day/time indication as well. Most of the manufactures choose to give digital display for the subdial to make it easy to check time. To indicate the 12-hour time frame the subdial concept is used. 

How to Choose a Dual Time Watch?

While buying a Dual Time Watch you should check that whether the 24-hour hand can be set independently. You should check the variations as much as possible which can help you to determine the authencity of the watch. You should also check that whether the second time zone comes with an AM/PM or night/day indicator. If all such features are not available then it will not be able to show you the correct time according to the second time zone and as per the remote reference area. So you should not be confused while comparing them with the GMT Watches as GMT Watches follow a 24-hour format.

Final Words on Dual Time Watch vs. GMT Watch:

I hope that I have been able to answer all your queries related to both time zone watches but as per my opinion it totally depends on you. The mechanisms of both the watches are quite different so choose accordingly and according to your time zone and the convenience so that you can easily check time. Time zone is very important to keep in mid while buying any watch. If you are looking for first copy watches then click here.

Thanks for reading this article. Enjoy wearing watches and buy your first Dual Time or GMT Watch now!

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